Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuan Tran: Real Chest Growth

He knows how to fully blast and stimulate his chest. Bodybuilder and powerlifter Tuan Tran explains what he feels is the most effective and growth promoting workout for the chest:

"Most bodybuilders and weight trainers would rather use straight sets (which don't cause too much pain on the body), and they would also rather use their heavy poundage that they feel proud of achieving. I mean what is worse than having to drop the weight that you were capable of using and actually suffer while using it? But if you want to have a barrel sized chest with striations and veins running through it, I feel these techniques are the only way to blast the chest enough to get it to that point of growth. The 5 techniques that are used in almost all of my workouts are: pre-exhaust, triple drop sets, and also rest pause, and my two new favorites - super slow, and extreme stretching. Without these techniques I would be lost at a sub-intensity level and not achieve the feeling of accomplishment that I do with these principles.

So now with a simple background on what you will be up for lets introduce the most beneficial workout for the chest. This workout always begins on the Pec-deck fly machine. Why might you ask? Well it is only the best machine to fully isolate the chest and pre-exhaust it to its full extent.

Lets paint a picture. Most people on chest day will go straight to the flat press, don't get me wrong its an excellent movement but it has downfalls. When you reach failure your triceps and shoulders usually give out before you can fully blast and stimulate the chest. But with pre-exhaust your chest, and only your chest will already be stimulated before you get to the flat press. So back to the workout, my workout partner and I will usually warm up with some light sets before we start to inflict the pain. On this machine, only one working set will be preformed. With the style that it is preformed in you wont want/be able to perform another set in a similar fashion." The video:

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