Monday, April 18, 2011

Peter Czerwinski: Travel Full Body Workout

He calls himself "Furious Pete", and he loves "getting stronger, getting healthier, and looking better". Peter Czerwinski is a 25-year-old bodybuilder and competitive eater from Canada who has overcome anorexia. The man is true motivation and says: "I get asked all the time how I stay in shape while I am on road and eating all this crap. I workout usually once or twice a week so I do full body workouts." This video shows his exercises to keep in shape when travelling:

This video was shot at the Power House Gym in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The exercises of the Travel Workout:


Heavy Back Squats
5 Sets - 5 Reps

Front Squats
3 Sets - 10 reps

Hack Squat
3 Sets - 12 reps

Leg Extension
4 Sets - Max Reps


Rope Tricep Pulldown
4 Sets - Max Reps

Ez-Bar Curls - Superset with Skull Crushers
4 Sets - Max Reps

Decline Dumbell Curls - Superset with Alternate Hammer Curls
4 Sets - Max Reps


Barbell Rows
4 Sets - 10 Reps

Close Grip Pulldowns
3 Sets - Max reps


Incline Barbell Bench
4 Sets - 5 Reps

Cable Crossovers
3 Sets - Max Reps


Seated Calf Raise
4 Sets - 25 Reps

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