Friday, May 27, 2011

Protect and Keep Your Eyes Healthy This Summer

The arrival of summer means more time spent under the bright and glorious sun. People hit the beach and devote more time out in the open. With the intense heat of the sun bearing in all day, the skin is the first area that is given immediate attention to by everybody.

People pour sunscreen lotion throughout their body to prevent getting that painful sunburn. Moisturizers are also thought of to keep the skin hydrated. While skin protection is done almost immediately, everyone should know that protection should also be given and extended towards the eyes.

During summer, allergies and problems of the eyes are on the rise. Putting on your sunglasses should not be done just for the sake of completing your summer fashion look. The sunglasses serve more than just a summer accessory. They should be viewed as a major summer eye protection instead.

There are plenty of circumstances where your eyes can get hurt this sunny season. When you go sunbathing, looking directly into the sun will hurt your eyes. Lots of eye doctors say that many can suffer from corneal burns this way. More importantly, this condition cannot only be contracted by directly gazing into the sun. Sitting out in the open during a summer day concert or watching beach volley for long hours exposes your eyes from damaging UV rays, too. This condition can be very painful but can easily be avoided by merely wearing sunglasses that offer UV protection. Your sunglasses should also be somewhat darker and should be bigger for more eye coverage.

Being in the beach also exposes your eyes to fine sand. With sudden gusts of wind, small particles can enter which can cause eye irritation and redness. Being on the road, driving on highways and back roads can also expose you to dusty conditions. The use of sunglasses helps in situations like these.

Swimming in the pool can cause your eyes to sting. This may be due to the imbalance of chemicals present in the waters. Eye problems can also happen if you swim on lakes or rivers which you are not sure how truly clean the water is. In any case, if eye irritations never find relief for some time, you should consult an eye doctor.

Eye Doctor Austin, a respected eye specialist, recommends that eye irritations that seem persistent should be seen right away. This will prevent your eyes from succumbing to infection if proper care and treatment can be offered as soon as possible. If you have any concerns about your eye health this summer season, visit Eye Doctor Austin to get the necessary summer eye health protection and information that you need.

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