Friday, May 27, 2011

Seacod helpline is very helpful!

Even though today's world boasts of the Internet bringing the world closer, the dialogue between the consumer and the service provider is maintained through a telephonic conversation. This dialogue can be in the form of an inquiry, placing an order, customer care or a general call for help. Even after most of these activities have been web-enabled by the manufacturers and service providers, most customers still prefer a one on one conversation with an experienced person over the telephone. Thus, telephonic communication channel with customers is important even if your business is web enabled.

Telephone help-lines play a very important role in the case of medical products, as consumers do not take health related issues lightly. In India, It is a very common practice to consume medicines without consulting a doctor. This is done in case of minor ailments like headache, cold, cough etc. Many over-the-counter medicines are also available in India, which can be bought without a prescription from a doctor. 

Many-a-times people take medicines and supplements based on advice taken from friends, family members, and sometimes even strangers. With so many brands and types of medicines in India, it is not possible for the pharmacist to give you a complete idea about the proper dosage of certain medicine. This situation can lead to some serious problems, as at certain times, the effects of the supplements can vary.

Quick help is needed at such times. Universal Medicare's Seacod helpline comes handy in times like these as consumers can call on this helpline to inquire about the dosage and any other queries. They also get to know about the various benefits of SevenSeas Seacod.

SevenSeas Seacod helpline is a very useful service provided by Universal Medicare. Trained professionals help customers/inquirers understand the proper dosage/other benefits of Seacod capsules. Moreso, queries like "what minimum age can children consume Seacod capsules", "what are the health problems that these capsules help in solving" and "whether or not old people can consume the capsules" can also be answered.

Sevenseas Seacod helpline performs far better than any other helpline as there is no time limit restriction and neither does the Customer care executive keep you on hold etc. Right from providing basic information to solving some major issues like consultation on health issues,  Sevenseas Seacod helpline is as helpful as always.

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