Saturday, June 11, 2011

Doug Peaney: Peak Form

Not only his washboard abs are breathtaking. His whole body is highly ripped, very symmetrical, and well proportioned. In the video below bodybuilder Doug Peaney shows his progress, gives an update on his development, and poses during an interview between prejudging and finals at the May 21, 2011 NPC Jr USA men's physique contest in Charleston, South Carolina. Doug placed second in a competitive men's tall class.

Doug's stats:
Year of Birth: 1987, Height: 6' 1 1/2", Weight: 204 lbs, Waist: 32", Chest: 45", Arms: 17", Forearms: 14 1/2", Thighs: 24 1/4", Calves: 16 1/4", Neck: 16 1/2"

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