Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Solomon Whitchurch: I Just Think About Getting Bigger

The young muscleman is quiet and reserved, but obviously enjoys showing shows off his impressively ripped physique. Solomon Whitchurch is a 21-year-old bodybuilder from Missouri, and says about lifting weights and his motivation: "I was always the smallest one in my class, and started out just wanting to get stronger, but after a while I fell in love with it. I love it, because it makes me feel great about myself. Now I just think about getting bigger." In the video Solomon Whitchurch introduces himself, and flexes and poses in the gym a week before taking 2nd in the men's open lightweight class at the 2011 NPC Pittsburgh bodybuilding show. He qualified to the compete for his IFBB pro card at the 2011 NPC National bodybuilding contest in Miami in November 2011.

Solomon's Stats:
Year of Birth: 1989, Height: 5' 4", Weight: 162 lbs, Waist: 31", Chest: 43", Arms: 16.5", Forearms: 12.5", Thighs: 22.25", Calves: 15.25", Neck: 15"

Video: Chest training, 80 pound incline flys

Video: Four plates shoulder press

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