Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chris Evans: The Body Of A Superheroe

Photos by Marvel Studios

He is so strong that the most dangerous villains don't stand a chance. Actor Chris Evans currently conquers the big screen and saves the world as "Captain America: The First Avenger". There are many imposing special effects in the movie, whereas Chris' highly ripped physique is real: massive arms, tight abs, and huge pecs which are already famous. Evans reportedly put on about 15 to 20 lbs of muscle for the movie. To get reliable information how he has built and sculpted that body, listen to the heroe himself in two videos in which Chris talks about his workout routine, nutrition, and his part of Captain America.

Video 1:

Video 2:

More statements of Chris Evans regarding his workout and nutrition needed to gain the size required for Captain America:

Training: "They flew a trainer out, so we did four months, two hours a day and it was brutal. I usually like working out. You know, going in sucks, but walking out you’re like ’I’m glad I did that.’ This was different. I’d come out saying ’I hate this trainer. I hate this movie. I want to go to sleep for a week.’ It was just relentless."

Chest muscles: "Normally you do three sets, twelve reps until you feel a little burn, then you go to a new muscle. This guy, you’d do four workouts for chest and then you’re feeling like your chest was on fire. He’d say ’Let’s go over here’ and I’d say ’What are we doing now?’ and he’d say ’We’re doing chest.’ I’d say, "We’ve done chest! Chest is done!’ You’d do an hour of chest, six different workouts and just the extent to which we’d push things was just grueling."

Eating: "I’ve got a very fast metabolism and I lose weight very quickly so for me to get big I just had to eat a lot. That was the hardest part. Working out sucks but eating sucks more. If you just keep eating and keep eating... and it’s not like I’m eating ice cream and cake! You have to eat a naked piece of chicken. You get to the point where you just can’t look at another piece of chicken."

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