Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Yoga For Weight Loss - by Bharat Thakur

Yoga For Weight Loss - by Bharat Thakur
Price: Rs.102 (CASH ON DELIVERY)

Gaining weight and obesity is essentially a state of metabolic disturbance. We gain weight when there is an imbalance between the intake and expenditure of energy in the body. This imbalance in your system that can be cured with the help of simple and effective yogic techniques.

Yoga works in a unique way. It works on the endocrinal system and changes the hormonal balance in the body. Unwanted fat from the body is removed by burning calories as well as by altering the hormonal balance of the whole body. Yogic asanas tone up the body by penetrating deep into each tissue and muscle which general exercises cannot achieve. Yoga will help you change the functioning of your entire system, lose weight and build a healthy muscle tone.

This book provides a comprehensive and straightforward account of the process of losing weight and then maintaining it the Yoga way - BUY NOW (Rs 102/-)

Details of Book: Yoga For Weight Loss

Book: Yoga For Weight Loss
Author: Bharat Thakur
Binding: Paperback
Edition: 01
Number of Pages: 120
Language: English

About the Author

Bharat Thakur is an internationally renowned spiritual master who travels throughout the world conducting yoga and meditation workshops. The following Yoga Asana's for weight loss are his hand picked selections...

Yoga For Weight Loss - by Bharat Thakur
Price: Rs.102/-

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