Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jeremy Corbitt: Young Winner

Every inch of his body is well-toned and muscular. Jeremy Corbitt is a 19 year old natural bodybuilder from West Virginia who shot with PumpingMuscle in his hometown a week before winning the lightweight class at the 2011 NPC Teen Nationals bodybuilding contest in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Jeremy wrestled and was a catcher on the baseball team in high school. When he started working out his weight went from 78 lbs sophomore year to 153 lbs in these pictures after his freshmen year of college. In this video Jeremy introduces himself and poses outside his gym in West Virginia:

Jeremy's Stats:
Year of Birth: 1992, Height: 5' 7", Weight: 153 lbs, Waist: 30", Chest: 39", Arms: 15 1/2", Forearms: 12 1/2", Thighs: 21 1/2", Calves: 15", Neck: 15 1/2"

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