Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fitter With Twitter: The Best Nutrition Feeds

If you want to build a fit and healthy body, proper nutrition is as important as training, fitness experts say. The site has organized a list and description of Twitter feeds which provide readable information concerning food, nutrition, and diet. The feeds reach from to American Heart Assoc to Jamie Oliver. The beginning of the article 25 Twitter Feeds to Start Following During National Nutrition Month:

Maintaining a healthy diet ought to be an everyday habit, but March makes an appropriate time for those considering a changeover to finally go for it. Proper nutrition sometimes seems like such a trendy topic these days, but in reality it actually holds far more sway over public health and personal well-being than a true fad. Hopefully, the advancement of food education means more citizens enjoy access to and choose options that let them eat well and stay active. Whether getting started on a new regimen, hoping to better stick to a more established one, or just wanting to learn more about the role wholesome foods play in a healthy lifestyle, the following Twitter feeds offer up most excellent information. Give them a follow when looking for quick snippets to help you hack your health.

You find the list of Twitter feeds and the complete article here:

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